Flyscreen components


Spectrum have, through many years of expertise in the flyscreen componentry industry, designed and manufactured a range of unique but simple flyscreen hardware items

Spectrum Turn clips are a convenient way of holding an aluminium flyscreen closed. Made from engineering nylon, the turn clips come in four sizes: TC 1mm, 2.5mm, 9mm and 11mm. The ferrule passes through the body of the turn clip allowing the holding screw to be tightened but still allowing the turn clip to turn easily. Use these in conjunction with the Spectrum King Pins.

Spectrum King pins act as a hinge and a locking device all in one. Flyscreens can be removed and replaced without the use of any tools. Spectrum King pins are made from engineering quality nylon and are complete with bracket and saddle piece allowing them to be riveted or screwed to each corner of the flyscreen. Flyscreens may be top hung or casement hung and used in conjunction with the Spectrum Turns Clips

Spectrum staking angles - For windows we manufacture a self tensioning aluminium stake to fit a variety of standard extrusions. For doors we manufacture a nylon corner stake that fits a variety of standard flyscreen extrusions. We also supply corner stakes for a large range of proprietary brand security window and door flyscreens.

Spectrum Pull Knobs are ideal for window flyscreens as an easy and economical way of operation

Spectrum flyscreen wheel - 30mm nylon wheel and aluminium axle. This system is fitted to sliding door fly screens.

Flyscreen componentsFlyscreen componentsFlyscreen componentsFlyscreen componentsFlyscreen componentsFlyscreen components